Biodegradable Seed Starter Pots-DIY in 5 minutes!

What comes nicer than nursing seeds and baby plants in pots which can be installed into the ground or bigger pots as it is, without creating a mess. Also, what comes nicer than making use of the things you throw away on a daily basis, like paper in all its forms: tissue paper, cardbords, packaging boxes, newspapers, notebooks, sandwich wraps etc… This is a great 5-minute project for those with a green thunb, to transform a dull flat paper into nursing pots to replace the pastic trays. Save money AND the planet!


– Shred unwanted paper and put into blender. 

-Add a little bit of warm water, you can always add more water but it’s better to start off with about 1/4 cup. OR soak the shredded paper in water before moving it into the blender.

-Blend the mixture for about a minute. You may need to make a few stops to push the paper down. You should end up with a thick paste like cheese spread.

-Use a muffins tray as a mould to make the pots. 

-Approximately 1 full tbsp of paper paste must be enough to cover the base and sides of the mould. Remember, the thicker the pot, the better, so the more paste you use, the thicker the pot, preferably. 

-Sundry for 24 hours until completely dry, or pop the tray into the oven at 200*C if you are impatient. 

-Carefully remove the paper pots from the tray. You may need to scrape around the pot walls with a paper cutter to separate the pots from the metal. Be gentle as the pots may crack if pressured.

-Fill pot with soil and plant your seed. Once the plant germinates and is ready to move to a bigger environment you can simply plant the pot as it is in the soil. The pot will degrade and roots will manage to break their way through the pot. 



-Paper colour determines the pot colour

-Do not add any PVA glue to the paper paste as that can be toxic to baby plants and germinating seeds.

-The thicker the pot the better. Beware that also means it will take more time to dry up inside out!

-There is no need to make a hole through the bottom of the paper pots, as excess water esxcapes through the pper due to its property of absorbency.

-Try not to be too generous with watering your seed/baby plant as too much water can make the pot tender and come undone! 

Have fun with it and experiment by adding some fresh flowers to white paper for a nice, colourful and grainy texture and look! 

Planting Tips:

Below are some pictures of a couple of succulents as well as a baby oregano cutlets planted into the paper pots. 

– It is important to place the pots on a small dish to avoide spillage of water and make sure that the fragile pot is on stable solid ground and left untouched. 

– Refrain from fidgeting around with the pots too much to avoid breakage and deformation. 

– Make sure the soil is generally not over watered and not overly damp to help preserve the form of the paper pots and make use of them for as long as possible before they are moved into the ground or bigger solid pots. 

– If you use these paper pots to start new plants from cutlets, make sure the cutlets are proportional in size (and weight) to the pot size and damp soil weight. 

– Paper pots are perfect to start cacti or succulent cutlets since they do not require daily or excessive watering. 

Do not hesitate to leave your comments or e-mail me about your experience and/or trials with paper pots. You may suggest any tips which I can add to the list above too! 

Happy recycling and planting. 

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